Assorted Screws Dowels Wall Plugs & Washers - 205 Pcs


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Assorted Screws Dowels Wall Plugs & Washers

Assorted Box of Multipurpose screws, Wooden Dowels, Wall Plugs and Washers. Great kit to have in the home DIY box. Assorted box is durable and can be used for other items when screws, dowels etc are finished. The box comes with a tab lock to keep items safe. Box also has a tab that can be used to store on the wall. All items in the box are high quality that have been personally hand selected and tested by me, All items compatible with each other, e.g. Wall plugs and Washers will fit all size of screws listed. Total of 205 items in the Box. 
Below are all the items the come in the assorted box. 
3.5MMX16MM Screws 20 PCS
3.5MMX20MM Screws 20 PCS
3.5MMX25MM Screw 20 PCS
4MMX30MM Screws 20 PCS
4MMX40MM Screws 20 PCS
4MMX50MM Screws 20 PCS

M3 Washer 20 PCS
M4 Washers 20 PCS
6MMX30MM Wooden Dowels 15 PCS
8MMX30MM Wooden Dowels 15 PCS
6MMX28MM Wall Plug. Suitable for Concrete, Brickwork, Stone, Block-work & Plasterboard.
(Recommended Drill Bit 6MM, Recommended Screw Size 3.5MM & 4MM at least 25MM Length)

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