Optimaxx LTD originated in 2014 by Norman Shimwell, a previous sales director for a wood screw company for over 20 years that was known internationally before founding Optimaxx LTD. Norman noticed that while many of the existing woodscrews in the market were very good, not one brand ticked all the boxes with their products that many tradesmen and merchants would criticise. Therefore, Norman set about creating a new brand of woodscrew, taking all the best bits of the existing woodscrews in the market and adding additional features, thus creating Optimaxx: Extreme Performance Woodscrews.

ROYD Tool Group acquired Optimaxx LTD in July 2018. ROYD Tool Group having noticed the potential Optimaxx Woodscrews has and the value it could bring to the industry, offering the world genuine application benefits through unique product features. Both Optimaxx’s and ROYDs missions are aligned as Optimaxx target is to manufacture the highest grade of performance woodscrews in the world. ROYD’s is to focus on one market at a time and to be the best at it in the world. Since the acquisition, Optimaxx has increased it’s product range with additional solutions that Tradesmen find beneficial from decking screws to storage cases.