OX Tools

OX Vision

  • Our vision is to bring the strength of the OX to every tradesperson.
  • Our tools will be instinctively recognised as tough, dynamic and dependable.
  • Our customers feel like OX is the ‘extra man on site’.

OX Story

  • OX Tools is a world-leading manufacturer of hand tools, diamond tools, workwear and safety products.
  • Founded in Australia in 1974 OX is recognised as tough, dynamic and different across the globe.
  • As a manufacturer of professional tools, we sell direct to the merchants, providing them with excellent service, innovative merchandising solutions and an award-winning brand.
  • Our global online presence and unique Tuff Club membership programme provides a community of tradespeople benefitting from shared experience and knowledge embedding our ‘live the trade’ attitude into the fabric of building sites around the globe.
  • Feel the Power of the OX.