Tongue-Tite Plus Stainless Steel Screws


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Tongue-Tite® Plus Screws


Tongue-Tite Plus is the easy fix for installing tongue and groove flooring and cladding. All its features have a purpose and are not just for fancy.

Its single course thread has been designed to eliminate the ream out of the floor boarding, giving high pull-out retention. In other words - no more squeaky boards!

The star recess provides greater grip and control on application whilst the narrow-countersunk head gives a neat flush fix to allow the next board to sit in place.

Unlike messy glues and nails Tongue-Tite Plus can be removed without damaging the timber should floor boards or cladding need to be moved in the future. 

  • The ideal screw for exterior use such as cladding and tongue & groove boards

  • Stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance

  • Hidden

  • Removable

  • Due to the nature of stainless steel, if you are using this product on hardwoods please drill a pilot hole

Available In: Please choose your size from drop down menu

  • 3.5MM X 32MM
  • 3.5MM X 45MM
  • 3.5MM X 49MM
  • 3.5MM X 60MM

Case of screws usually delivered in 1 To 2 Days

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