Soudal Swipex XXL Super Cleaning Wipes Pack of 20-TTR LTD

Soudal Swipex XXL Super Cleaning Wipes Pack of 20


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Heavy duty cleaning wipes for removal of sealant stains and other dirt from surfaces, tools and hands.


Fast and permanent removal of fresh, non cured remains of adhesive and sealants.

Cleans uncured sealant from tools and material.

Safe in use


Dissolves fresh und uncured adhesion and sealant remains (Silicone, MS Polymer, PU, Acryl…) as well as PU-foam , paint etc.

Cleaning of dirty working tables and surfaces

Application method

Take a wipe out of the packaging and re-seal immediately. Wipe over the stain until it disappeared and use a dry cloth to polish the surface.

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