Fischer 538621 Profi-Box DUOPOWER Universal Wall Plug. Box Of 132


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Fischer DUOPOWER Profi-Box – Assortment of 3 Sizes – 6MM 8MM 10MM

Product Description
The fischer DUOPOWER offers very good hold values as a result of its 2 components: Depending on the building material, the grey components made from high quality nylon automatically activates the optimum product function (expansion, folding, knotting) for the best hold. The expansion wings of the red component support the secure expansion and offer additional security to the grey component. Easy screwing-in of the screw and correct "tightening" to close. No over-tightening of the screw. The preshaped edge on the plug head prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole.
  • Two component materials for top load values and intelligent functioning depending on the substrate.
  • Great feedback (feel-good factor) of the plug. You can feel exactly when the plug is installed perfectly.
  • The short plug length ensures fast fixing without deep drilling.
  • The narrow plug rim prevents slipping into the drill hole.
  • The serrated anti-rotation feature prevents rotation in the drill hole during installation.
Box Content:
  • Duopower 6mmx30mm x 60
  • Duopower 8mmx40mm x 60
  • Duopower 10mmx50mm x12
- Total Of 132 Duopower Universal Wall Plugs


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