Broadfix U200 - U Shape Packer Mixed Bag 200 1-10mm


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Broadfix U200 - U Shape Packer Mixed

Product Description: 

  • Capable of withstanding higher compressive loads than traditional timber flat packers. This also makes them more economical. They are colour coded depending on size, for easy identification.
  • The ever popular U-Shim is perfect for shimming behind a screw or fixing – loosely install the fixing, and then simply slide the required number of U-Shims over the fixing. ; The unique comb/clip prevents the U-Shims from falling out, which leaves both hands free to tighten up the fixing.

Broadfix U200 Packer Mixed Bag contains the following:

  • 140 x Small U Packers 55 x 43mm. Thickness 1MM, 3MM, 5MM & 6MM
  • 60 x Standard U Packers 101 x 143mm. Thickness 1MM, 3MM, 5MM & 10MM
  • Total Pack Contents 200 Pieces

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