Cobra M6 FlipToggle Heavy Duty Up To 63 KG + 60mm Bolt - 4 PCS


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Cobra Heavy Duty Up To 63 KG M6 FlipToggle + 60mm Bolt.

Product Description: The FlipToggle® anchor’s strong toggling mechanism supplies extra holding power in drywall, plaster or hollow concrete blocks. Its main feature is its ability to be installed in thicker hollow wall material, up to three inches thick. It’s simple and effective tilting mechanism ensures a trouble-free installation every time, and is twice as strong as the regular toggle bolt of the same bolt diameter. The Fliptoggle® requires a 1/2" hole regardless of its diameter, and can be used with any bolt length. Available in diameters of 1/4" and 3/16".

Features and benefits:

  • Ideal for all type of hollow wall, up to 3” (75mm) thick
  • Requires an one half inch hole
  • Fast and easy installation
  • New one strap design for easier insertion and flipping operation
  • Can be used with any bolt length
  • Superior holding power

Pack Contents: 2 X FlipToggle + 2 X M6 Screws 60MM

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