Draper 99422 Screwdriver Set - 11 Pieces


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Screwdriver Set (11 Piece) 

  • Set of 11 popular screwdriver sizes, plus a magnetiser and demagnetiser and a magnetic adaptor to hold screws in place at the end of the blade.

  • Hardened and tempered blades with a satin chrome plated finish.

  • The bi-material soft-grip handles are moulded directly onto the blade to give a permanent bond.

  • All handles have a hole to facilitate hanging or use as a T-handle when increased torque is required.


1 x Cross slot PH#2 x150mm

3 x PZ slot – PZ#1x75mm, PZ#2x100, PZ#3x150mm

2 x Plain slot - 5x75mm, 6x150mm

3 x TX – T15x75mm, T20x100mm, T25x100mm

1 x Magnetiser/Demagnetiser

1 x Round magnet

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