Everbuild Multi Purpose Wood Filler 250ml Light Stainable-TTR LTD

Everbuild Multi Purpose Wood Filler 250ml Light Stainable


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EVERBUILD® Multi-Purpose Wood Filler

An easy to use ready mixed premium joiners grade filler ideal for filling small imperfections (max 5mm depth) in wood. Once dry, the filler leaves a sandable surface, which can be stained, painted or varnished even with microporous stains. The filler is waterproof when dry and hence is suitable for exterior as well as interior applications.


  • Filling small holes, splits, surface imperfections and damaged areas in wood.

  • Covering the recesses left by nails and screws.


  • Water based filler

  • Non flammable

  • Low odour

  • Ready to use – no mixing of components required

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