Filltite Ultra-Light Plasterboard Hole & Crack Filler Brilliant White


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Ready To Use Ultra-Light Filler

Product Description
  • Quickly make repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application, without sagging or slumping. With a super smooth finish there is no need to sand and it can be overpainted in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Apply straight from the tub with a filling knife to interior and exterior substrates including plaster, plasterboard, wood, concrete, cellular concrete, masonry, roughcast and cement render.
  • Created in Great Britain and manufactured in France.

Key Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Fill to Any Depth
  • Microscopic Crushed Marble Beads Prevent Sagging
  • Fast Drying
  • Will Not Shrink
  • Smooth Finish
  • No Sanding Required
  • Can be Painted From 15 Minutes
  • Will Not Flash or Grin
  • Remains Flexible Once Dry

Available in 290ML & 1 Litre

Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Ready to use
  • Application Depth: Any
  • Consumption: Approx. 0.4 kg per m² per 1mm depth
  • pH: 7 – Neutral
  • Drying Time: Depends on substrate, weather conditions and application thickness

Safety Data Sheet Available On Request

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