Fischer 535972 Meister-Box Duopower Universal Wall Plugs + Screws 160 Pcs


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Fischer Meister-Box Duopower + Screws.

The fischer MEISTER-BOX DUOPOWER with screws contains pre-sorted 50 DUOPOWER 6 x 30, 30 DUOPOWER 8 x 40 as well as 50 chipboard screws 4.5 x 40 and 30 chipboard screws 5 x 55. The MEISTER-BOX, made from high-quality and impact-proof plastic, is ideal for workshop and construction site. The transparent lid provides an overview at a glance. The fischer MEISTER-BOX closes securely and can be refilled with plugs.


  • Two component materials for top load values and intelligent functioning depending on the substrate.
  • Great feedback (feel-good factor) of the plug. You can feel exactly when the plug is installed perfectly.
  • The short plug length ensures fast fixing without deep drilling.
  • The narrow plug rim prevents slipping into the drill hole.
  • The serrated anti-rotation feature prevents rotation in the drill hole during installation.

Box Contents:

  • 50 x DUOPOWER 6 x 30
  • 30 x DUOPOWER 8 x 40
  • 50 x Countersunk screw 4.5 x 40
  • 30 x Countersunk screw 5.0 x 55

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