fischer 553109 Duopower Universal Wall Plugs Mini Box 85 PCS


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fischer DuoPower-Box mini


Product Description:
The fischer DuoPower-Box mini contains pre-sorted 30 DuoPower 5 x 25, 35 DuoPower 6 x 30 and 20 DuoPower 8 x 40. The Minibox, made from high-quality and impact-proof plastic, is ideal for ambitioned do-it-yourself. The transparent lid provides an overview at a glance. The fischer PROFI-BOX closes securely and can be refilled with plugs.


  • Combination of two material components for more performance.
  • Secure functions for solid (expansion) and hollow and panel building materials (folding/knotting).
  • Easy installation: narrow edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole.
  • Best possible feedback from the anchor - you can feel that the anchor is sitting perfectly.
  • 30 x DUOPOWER 5 x 25
  • 35 x DUOPOWER 6 x 30
  • 20 x DUOPOWER 8 x 40

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