Fischer Duopower FixTainer - 6x30,6x50,8x40 & 8x65MM. 210 Wall Plugs


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FixTainer - DuoPower short/long

Includes 6x30MM , 6x50MM , 8x40MM & 8x65MM Wall Plugs

The FixTainer DuoPower box contains the new performance class - the fischer DuoPower pre-sorted in four sizes: 80 x DuoPower 6 x 30, 40 x DuoPower 6 x 50, 60 x DuoPower 8 x 40, 30 x DuoPower 8 x 65 (210 pcs).

Top Features

  • Variable compartments due to removable separation walls allow for perfect order.
  • High-grade refillable FixTainer.
  • Secure functions for solid (expansion) and hollow and panel building materials (folding/knotting).
  • Combination of two material components for more performance.
  • Long version for more anchorage in problematic building materials and old buildings.


  • Two material components for the best load values and intelligent functions depending on the subsurface.
  • Best possible feedback (feelgood factor) from the plug. You can feel when the plug fits perfectly.
  • The short plug length allows fast installation thanks to the shorter drill hole depth.
  • The long version with even more anchorage in problematic building materials expands the application spectrum.
  • The narrow edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole.
  • The pronounced anti-rotation lock bites into the building material and prevents rotation in the drill hole.

Box Content:

  • 80 X 6MMx30MM Plugs
  • 40 X 6MMx50MM Plugs
  • 60 X 8MMx40MM Plugs
  • 30 X 8MMx65MM Plugs
  • Total Of 210 Plugs

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