Fischer Frame Fixing SXRL T


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Fischer Frame Fixing SXRL

Various Frame Fixing Sizes. Use dropdown Menu to select your size. All Sizes Come In Box Of 50 PCS

SXRL -T - Nylon Frame Fixing with  Zinc Plate Screw

The fischer frame fixing SXRL-T  is approved along with the fischer countersunk head screw with T30 drive for multiple fixings of non-load-bearing systems in masonry, concrete, and aerated concrete. The two expansion zones in the fixing induce forces equally into perforated masonry, these combine to form a long expansion element in aerated concrete and solid building material. The frame fixing with the safety screw made out of zinc-plated steel is suitable for fixings in internal areas such as windows, coat racks, wall cupboards, or TV consoles.

Top Features

  • ETA rating with excellent load values: Safe multiple fixings of non-structural systems in concrete and masonry.
  • The long expansion element makes the SXRL versatile.
  • Loads are applied evenly to the building material thanks to the fixing geometry. This means that the fillets are not destroyed in the case of thin-walled building materials.
  • Simple to assemble: Ribs prevent plug rotation during installation.


  • The long expansion element makes the SXRL an extremely versatile product.
  • Through the special geometry of the plug, the retention forces are evenly distributed in the drill hole.
  • When anchoring in hollow and solid building materials, the two expansion zones lead to optimum load bearing capacity.
  • When it is to be set deep, the longer ribs prevent the plug from turning during installation.

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