Fischer Hammer-in Fixing


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fischer Hammerfix with countersunk head.

The hammer-in plug for simple, fast and economic installation.

The fischer Hammerfix N-S with countersunk head consists of a high-quality nylon plug and a zinc-plated nail screw. These are already pre-fitted for quick assembly. The Hammerfix is led through the component in the time-saving through-type installation. When driving in the nail screw, the fixing sleeve expands and anchors itself securely in the building material. The fischer Hammerfix N-S with countersunk head is ideal for fixing timber constructions in all building materials in internal areas.

Top Features

  • Fast Hammer set¬†installation saves time: ideal for series installation.

  • Simple and secure installation: Integrated hammer-in stop prevents premature anchor spreading.

  • Subsequent dismantling of the nail screw with a cross-slot recess is possible.

  • With countersunk head.


  • The rapid hammer set¬†installation reduces the amount of time required and allows for an economic series installation.

  • The integrated hammer-in stop prevents the plug from expanding prematurely (jamming), thus enabling a problem-free installation.

  • Together with the cross-slot recess, the thread of the nail screw allows the screw to be removed, thus allowing for subsequent dismantling.

  • The wide range of diameters and usage lengths provides the correct plug for every fixing.


  • Substructures made of wood

  • Wall connection or plaster profiles

  • Cable and pipe clips

  • Perforated tapes

Building materials

  • Concrete

  • Solid sand-lime brick

  • Building brick

  • Natural stone

  • Solid brick made from lightweight concrete

  • Aerated concrete

  • Solid panel made from gypsum

  • Vertically perforated brick

  • Perforated sand-lime brick

  • Hollow blocks made from lightweight concrete

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