fischer - Injection anchor sleeve FIS H 20 x 200 K plastic - Box Of 20


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fischer 46704 Injection anchor sleeve FIS H 20MM x 200MM plastic

Suitable For M12 - M16 Threaded Rod

The versatile fixing system with injection anchor sleeves for perforated brick masonry.

Top Features

  • Lattice structure of anchor sleeves lowers mortar consumption.

  • Anchor sleeve allows for optimum mechanical interlock in perforated brick.

  • The centring blades fix anchor rods with various diameters. This lowers complexity and simplifies storage.

  • Barbed hook: no falling with overhead installations.

  • ETA approval.


Product Description

  • The plastic fischer injection anchor sleeve FIS H K is the system component for the use of fischer injection mortars in perforated brick masonry within through-type installations. To do so, the anchor sleeve is placed in the drill hole, and filled with injection mortar from the anchor sleeve base. When setting the rod anchor or the internal threaded anchor, the mortar is pressed through the lattice structure and then connects with the perforated brick by an interlock. This means that the load is directed into the building material. Non-bearing layers can also be bridged with the injection anchor sleeve.


  • The grating structure of the FIS H K anchor sleeve is adapted for the injection mortars FIS V Plus, FIS V,FIS VL, FIS GREEN and FIS P Plus, and ensures sparing mortar use with the best interlock.

  • The centring blades perfectly align the anchor in the anchor sleeve, and allow for use with various threaded rod diameters.

  • The barbed hooks secure the anchor sleeve in the drill hole and allow for a trouble-free overhead installation.

  • The geometry of the anchor sleeves allows for the bridging of non-bearing layers for a simple and convenient installation.



  • The system can be used with any of the following injection mortars: FIS V Plus, FIS VW Plus High Speed, FIS VS Plus Low Speed, FIS V, FIS VL, FIS GREEN or FIS P Plus. FIS P can be used but does not have approvals.

  • The system is suitable for pre-positioned installation when combined with injection anchor sleeves and threaded rods FIS A or internal threaded anchors FIS E.

  • The anchor sleeve is placed in the drill hole, and filled with injection mortar from the anchor sleeve base.

  • Turning in the anchor causes the mortar to be pushed through the anchor sleeve's grating structure, so that it fits the base material perfectly. The load is borne by the interlock.


Pack Contents:

  • 20 Sleeves

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