fischer SX Green 8x40MM Expansion Wall Plugs with Screws - Box Of 45


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fischer 524867 Expansion plug SX 8 x 40 S with rim and screw

The powerful nylon fixing with renewable raw materials with four-fold expansion, rim, and screw

  • Made from at least 50 % renewable raw materials - same load-carrying properties as the original grey version.

  • Optimum force transmission due to four-way expansion. This allows for high holding values in solid and hollow building materials.

  • Simple to assemble: The edge of the plug prevents it from falling deeper into the drill hole.

  • No expansion pressure on the plug neck. This means that tiles or plaster are not damaged.

  • With the appropriate screw for maximum hold.

The fischer expansion plug SX Green is produced from at least 50 % renewable raw materials. Due to four-way expansion, the nylon plug ensures optimal force transmission into the building material. The anti-rotation lock fixes the SX Green tightly in the drill hole. The edge on the head of the fixing prevents the fixing from slipping into the drill hole. The screws supplied are ideally suited to the fischer expansion plug SX Green. This guarantees perfect hold.


  • The 4-way expansion provides the optimum force distribution in the material, and offers high load-bearing capacities in solid and hollow building materials.

  • The expansion-free plug neck prevents the creation of expansion forces on the material surface whilst screwing in the screw. This helps to prevent damage to tiles and plaster.

  • The pronounced rim prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole, thus allowing for a simple installation.

Box Contents:

  • 45 x SX GREEN 8x40MM

  • 45 x chipboard screw 5x55MM

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