Optimaxx Performance Woodscrew Midi-Case - Case of 1200 Screws


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Optimaxx ‘extreme Performance Wood Screws’ Have Been Developed To Provide Consistent And Unrivalled Performance With Best-in-category Design In Every Element Of The Screw. The Optimaxx Wood Screws Unique Features Offer Genuine Application Benefits, Meaning They Can Be Relied On To Provide The Perfect Finish, Every Time.

  • Unique 24 grooves self-countersink without the need to counter bore
  • Sharp, wide, deep thread formation for fast continuous insertion
  • Double reinforced collar strengthens underside of the head
  • Saw tooth formation cut out the bottom threads enable fast penetration
  • Razor sharp point gives an immediate, precise start

The Optimaxx Midi Case Starter Pack includes;

  • 200 of 4.x25mm

  • 200 of 4.x30mm

  • 200 of 4.x35mm

  • 200 of 4.x45mm

  • 200 of 4.x50mm

  • 200 of 4.x70mm

  • Heavy duty storage case with carry handle

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