Ox Pro Notched Trowel Stainless Steel


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The OX Pro Notched Trowel is your ultimate tool for easy application of adhesives on any surface. The square-shaped notches of the trowel help to spread the material quickly and with minimum effort. The blade of the flooring trowel is made using high-quality carbon steel, and the strong aluminium shank ensures the durability of the tiling trowel. For extreme comfort and a strong grip, the tiling trowel is provided with a soft, dura grip handle.

  • Carbon steel blade

  • Aluminium heavy duty shank

  • DURAGRIP handle for comfort

  • 115x 280mm

Product Code:

OX-P403206: OX Pro 6mm Notch Trowel 

OX-P403208: OX Pro 8mm Notch Trowel 

OX-P403210: OX Pro 10mm Notch Trowel 

OX-P403212: OX Pro 12mm Notch Trowel 

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