Plasplugs MNF555 Multi-Size Plasterboard Wall Plugs Pack of 50


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Plasplugs MNF555 Multi-Size Plasterboard Wall Plugs

Product Description
50 x Regular duty, Multi-size easy to use plasterboard fixings for general use in plaster board. Includes 5 different sizes to accommodate various wall thicknesses. Depth gauge included.

Typical Applications

  • Lightweight Wall Hooks
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Switches
Plasterboard walls vary in thickness because boards come in different gauges and wall coverings, like tiles, that make walls thicker.
Multi-Size has the answer, with five different sizes in this one pack, plus a depth gauge is included to measure the wall so you can match to the correct depth fixing.
  • 6 fixings for 7mm walls
  • 6 fixings for 12mm walls
  • 24 standard fixings for 15mm walls
  • 8 fixings for 17mm walls
  • 6 fixings for 22mm walls

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