Plasplugs Super Grips Concrete Brick Wall Plugs Mixed Pack Of 150


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Plasplugs SAP505 SuperGrip Solid Base Wall Plugs Mixed

Product Description
Plasplug SuperGrip fixings are highly versatile. They are suitable for concrete, brick and stone solid walls. The plugs feature multi-action grips and expanding barrels. Typical applications include: shelving, curtain poles, lighting, hooks and brackets, pictures and mirrors.

The PLASAP505 SuperGrip mixed pack consists of the following plugs: 
50 x brown fixings 7mmx40mm: Accepts screws No. 8-14 (4.5-7mm) and use a 7mm drill.
50 x red fixings 6mmx30mm: Accepts screws No. 6-12 (3.5 - 5.5mm) and use a 6mm drill.
50 x yellow fixings 5mmx25mm: Accepts screws No. 4 - 8 (3 - 4.5mm) and use a 5mm drill.

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