Rawlplug 4all Nylon Universal Wall Plugs With Screws Various Sizes


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4ALL Universal Nylon Plugs + Screws

Features and benefits:

  • Unique internal design provides positive grip for screws.
  • Rib detail at plug head provides added grip.
  • Expanding section designed to collapse in hollow materials and provide positive grip behind surfaces.
  • Unique 4-way expansion allowing application in any substrate material and type.
  • Solid head design provides strength whilst plug is installed.
  • Anti-rotational lugs promote grip in wide range of substrates including soft masonry materials. 


  • Lighting
  • Wall cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Letterboxes
  • TV brackets
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Electrical fittings
  • Shelve 

Base materials Suitable for use in;

  • Concrete
  • Hollow-core Slab
  • High-Density Natural Stone
  • Solid Brick
  • Hollow Brick
  • Vertically-perforated Clay Block
  • Lightweight Concrete Block
  • Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block
  • Aerated Concrete Block
  • Plasterboard


4All 5MM Nylon Plugs with Screws Pack Of 20

(20 Plugs 5MMx25MM + 3.5MMx30MM 20 Screw


4All 6MM Nylon Plugs with Screws Pack Of 14

(14 Plugs 6MMx30MM + 4.5MMx40MM 14 Screws) 


4All 8MM Nylon Plugs with Screws Pack Of 10

(10 Plugs 8MMx40MM + 5MMx60MM 10 Screws)


 4All 10MM Nylon Plugs with Screws Pack Of 8

(8 Plugs 10MMx50MM + 6MMx60MM 8 Screws)

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