Rawlplug Hollow Cavity Wall Plugs M5 X 37MM Box 100 + Setting Tool


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Rawlplug Interset Setting Tool + 100 Heavy Duty M5x37MM Plasterboard Plugs

Features and benefits:

  • Setting tool used to pull the screw head and expanding the fixing body of Interset cavity fixings

  • Due to extensive range the SM INTERSET is suitable for board building materials with a thickness 2-38mm, it allows for a number of different applications.

  • The fixing can be installed using normal screwdriver, or installation pliers.

  • One-piece stamping, with integral thread and flange for increased reliability.

  • Hinged legs designed to maximise load-bearing capacity

  • Large contact area of expanded arms increases load-bearing capacity and security.

  • Integral anti-rotation lugs

  • Fixtures can be removed and re-fitted.

  • Combination head screw supplied


  • Shelves and bathroom accessories on standard plasterboard

  • Radiators and kitchen cabinets on double thickness and tiled plasterboard

  • Pictures

  • Lamps

  • Towel rails

  • Curtain rails

  • Mirrors

Base materials Suitable for use in;

Plasterboard • Gypsum Fibreboards • Chipboard • Oriented Strand Board

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Box of Rawlplug M5 x37mm X 100 PCS
  • 1 x  Rawlplug Heavy Duty Professional Setting Tool 

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