Rawlplug impact bit set 25MM - 11 PCS-TTR LTD

Rawlplug impact bit set 25MM - 11 PCS


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High quality bits set - Ideal For Impact Drivers

Features and benefits:

  • Special steel S2 affects the life of the product

  • Specially heat treated in the hardening

  • process to increase the hardness of the tip to 60 HRC

  • Precision milled head tip allows for precise fitting into the screw socket

  • The special shape of the tip increases its resistance to twisting under the so-called torsion effect

  • Anti-corrosion coating, blue colour, prevents rust

  • High-quality grip for 1/4" bits with a powerful internal magnet

  • A dedicated grip 1/4" enables the use of a manual screwdriver


  • A set of the most popular types and sizes of bits for screwdriving and fastening applications

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