Rawlplug Tap It Plus Hammer in Fixing for Plasterboard


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Rawlplug Tap It Plus Hammer

Product information Features and benefits:

  • Steel fixing for light weights
  • Simple installation due to introductory thread
  • Corrugated tip simplifies installation without drilling
  • Expanding construction of the fixing prevents from its spin in the substrate during installation
  • Flat head enables levelling fixing with the surface of the substrate
  • Simple uninstallation without harming the substrate
  • Light shelving
  • Pictures
  • Towel rails
  • Brackets
  • Grips and hooks Base materials

Approved for use in: • Plasterboard

Pack Contents:

Pack Of 12: 12 Plugs + 12 Screws

Pack Of 25: 25 Plugs + 25 Screws

Box Of 100: 100 Plugs + 100 Screws

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