Rawlplug Timber UNO Universal Wall Plugs


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Timber Uno is the first universal wall plug, whose sleeve is 70% wood.

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Eco-Friendly, Universal and even more durable.

  • Timber Uno is the ecological alternative to the already legendary plug, just as reliable but more caring for the environment.

  • The innovative mixture the sleeve is made of make the Timber Uno second to none in terms of environmental safety. This quality makes it a perfect choice for green construction projects.

  • Exceptional geometry which guarantees maximised expansion and substrate adhesion, making the Timber UNO a safe solution for all substrates and all applications.

  • Two symmetrically split halves of the plug combined with two directional expansion-based operations enable you to achieve high expansion force.

  • Increased load capacity thanks to the addition of to the sleeve material.

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