Rawlplug Universal Mixed Wall Plugs Pack Of 144 - Yellow, Red & Brown


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Rawlplug Uno Mix Card:

  • Yellow 5MMx24MM 48 Pieces
  • Red 6MMx28MM 48 Pieces
  • Brown 7MMx30MM 48 Pieces
  • Total 144 Pieces
    Features and benefits:
    • Recommended for unknown substrates and exploited holes.
    • Short length enables successful use in thin walls.
    • Unique geometry guarantees maximum expansion and grip.
    • 100% assurance of proper anchoring derived from unique split design of the plug in its top part.
    • Anti-rotation features prevent spinning in the hole.
    • Lip prevents plug slipping into over-sized holes.
    • Shelves Suspended ceilings
    • Electrical fittings
    • Cable trays
    • Boilers
    • Radiators
    • Lighting
    • Bathroom fittings

    Base materials Suitable for use in:
    Concrete • Solid Brick • Solid Sand-lime Brick • Vertically-perforated Clay Block • Hollow Sand-lime Brick • Aerated Concrete Brick

    Flat Pack To Lower Carbon Foot print. 

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