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Rawlplug Wetnfix Pack Of 20 Discs


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Rawlplug Wetnfix Repair Pad For Ripped Wall Plugs Pack Of 20

Features and benefits
  • Suitable for most materials including masonry, wood, and plasterboard
  • Fast and easy to use, simply wet the fabric, wrap it around the plug and fix into the hole
  • Can be used in oversized holes or applications where a wall plug may be too loose to fix
  • Quick setting time, it set in 3 minutes
  • Ideal for loose curtain rails, shelves, coat hooks, toilet roll holders and much more
Quick-bonding solution that fills and bonds the gap to make Rawlplug fit tight. For walls that are too crumbly to support a new plug and screw. No need to re-drill, no preparation, no special tools and no mess. Just wet the disc, wrap around the plug and push into the hole

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