Screw-Tite Pozi Pan / Round Head Zinc Screws


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Screw-Tite® Zinc Pan / Round Head


Screw-Tite®’ Zinc extensively developed with the discerning craftsman/woman in mind, utilises the ‘Tri-Lock TS’ threadform which uniquely and cleverly incorporates the benefits of a single thread and a twin thread on the same screw, thus making it the most technically advanced screw available but more importantly the best performing woodscrew there is – a bold statement, we know, but we listened to what the user wanted and gave them just that. Features and benefits of Screw-Tite:

  • Can be used in hardwood/softwood/masonry (pilot hole needed) /sheet steel/plastic and more

  • The Tri-Lock shank means there is 25% less insertion torque and no timber damage

  •  Once driven in, stays in

  •  Balanced immediate start

  •  Fast insertion - less strain placed on the power tool ensures longer battery life

  •  Outperforms all in most applications

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Box may be flattened to lower carbon foot print.

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