Sealey GripMAX Screwdriver - Slotted , Philips & Pozi Head


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Sealey GripMAX Screwdriver

  • One of a comprehensive range of Premier Hand Tools, suitable for daily professional use
  • High quality Chrome Vanadium satin finished shaft with shot blasted and magnetized tip.
  • Ergonomic polypropylene and TPV rubber soft grip handle maximizes power transfer from hand to fixing.
  • Includes hanging hole for alternative storage.
  • Lifetime guarantee Upon Registration


Below Are The Screwdriver on offer. Choose Your Screwdriver From Dropdown Menu.

  1. Slotted 6 x 38mm GripMAX
  2. Slotted 3 x 75mm GripMAX
  3. Slotted 4 x 100mm GripMAX
  4. Slotted 6 x 150mm GripMAX
  5. Slotted 8 x 200mm GripMAX
  6. Phillips #2 x 38mm GripMAX
  7. Phillips #1 x 75mm GripMAX
  8. Phillips #2 x 100mm GripMAX
  9. Pozi #2 x 38mm GripMAX
  10. Pozi #1 x 75mm GripMAX
  11. Pozi #2 x 100mm GripMAX

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