T-Bolt Plasterboard Fixing - Hanging Kit - Pack Of 4 Fixings


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T-Bolt Hanging Kit for plasterboard

1 T-Bolt can hold loads of up to 65kg per fixing, securing heavy items to plasterboard walls.

T-Bolt is the new heavy-duty plasterboard fixing which has been designed to make fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls easy for everyone! It gives any installer using T-Bolt peace of mind and be certain it will hold their valuables on the wall.

The 3-step installation process makes T-Bolt easy to use and install by just Drill – Push – Fix with no complicated or specialist tools required! A 16mm hole is drilled into the plasterboard, push the T-Bolt fixing into the wall so it sits flush, mount your bracket, insert the screw and tighten with your screwdriver.

T-Bolt is a new heavy-duty plasterboard fixing designed to make fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls easy for everyone! 1 T-Bolt fixing holds up to 65kg. Independently tested and certified on 15mm plasterboard and to a safe working load of 65kg per fixing. 4 Fixings can hold 260kg safely in plasterboard walls. 

Quick and easy to install with 3 simple steps just Drill – a hole into the plasterboard using the supplied 16mm drill bit, Push – T-Bolt into the wall, Fix – mount bracket, insert screw and tighten with a screwdriver (wings open automatically to secure the fixing). No specialist tools required and install in less than 40 seconds with just a Drill, 16mm Drill Bit and a Screwdriver 

Ideal for hanging TV’s, Mirrors, Shelves, Curtain Poles, Picture Frames, Radiators, Wall Cabinets, Boilers, Lighting, AV Equipment and much more! 

One fixing fit’s all, for double thickness plasterboard remove the white plastic washer from the fixing. T-Bolt is also removeable and reusable – just remove your items and undo the screw for the wings to retract, once the wings are closed you will be able to pull the fixing out from the plasterboard wall. 

T-Bolt works in all plasterboard variations/depths, holding heavy loads securely. The T-Bolt wings open behind the board to distribute weight evenly allowing you to hang all items with ease and peace of mind!

Pack contents:

  • 4 X Fixings
  • 4 X M5x30
  • 4 X Hooks
  • 1 X 16mm Drill Bit 

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