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Toggler M6 SnapToggle TV Wall Bracket Fixing Kit For Plasterboard


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Ideal For Mounting TV Bracket To Plasterboard Wall - Up To 120KG Load Bearing

The SNAPTOGGLE anchor is a heavy-duty hollow wall anchor for use in walls, ceilings, or floors of materials such as gypsum board, drywall with a wood or steel stud, concrete block, tile over drywall, wood, etc. The anchor is pre-assembled and supplied ready for immediate use. The ratcheting strap / locking cap assembly positions the strong one-piece zinc-plated (or stainless) steel anchoring channel on the rear of the wall, capturing it snugly and securely between the anchoring channel and the cap. The remaining portion of the straps on the outside of the wall are then easily and quickly snapped off by hand at the required length, flush with the surface of the wall (no extra tools required). Holding is dependent only on a metal bolt to metal channel connection.

For maximum holding in

Cinder block • Concrete block • Gypsum board • Drywall • Tile over drywall • Plasterboard • Composite panels • Cement board • Greenboard • Plaster • Stucco • Fiberglass • Plywood • Steel plate • Plastic • Wood studs / beams

Pack Contents:

  • M6 SnapToggle X 4
  • M6 x 50mm Pan Head Screw X 4
  • 13mm Flat Bit X 1

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