Toggler SnapSkru SP Self-Drilling Plasterboard Wall Plug With Screws - Pack Of 4


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The TOGGLER SnapSkru® is not just an ordinary self-drilling drywall anchor

It is in fact the only self-drilling drywall anchor that symmetrically locks on to the wall or ceiling for a truly secure fastening – with up to 80% more holding power than conventional anchors on the market.

Every time you tug on a toilet tissue holder or a disabled handrail, or even a window blind, other self-drilling anchors come out as quickly as they went in because nothing prevents their sharp threads from cutting back through the drywall. The SnapSkru® anchor's built-in positive stop resists over-drilling and then opens with an audible "pop", positively locking the anchor to the rear of the wall to resist vibration and shock. In doing so, the plasterboard and its paper is kept under compression, immediately reinforcing the anchor point and providing much greater holding power. Plus, the SnapSkru® anchor allows the screw to be removed, without removing the anchor or damaging the wall!

The TOGGLER SNAPSKRU® is designed for medium-duty applications in drywall, and installs just as quickly and easily as an ordinary self-drilling "driva" anchor, but its unique Snap Lock feature provides the holding power of a toggle bolt!


  • Thermostats
  • Shelving
  • Picture Frames and Art Objects
  • Curtain Rods
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wall Lighting Fixtures
  • Speakers and AV Systems
  • Motion Detectors and Alarms
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Notice Boards
  • Coat Racks
  • Clocks
  • Signs

Pack Contents:

  • 4 Plugs 8x42mm
  • 4 Screws 4x40mm

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