Toggler TH Picture Hook Anchors + Screws For Plasterboard - Pack Of 5


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Ideal for hanging picture on plasterboard walls

A superior hollow wall anchor specially designed to provide secure, vibration proof-holding in hollow substrates up to 13mm thick, with a built-in hook for hanging pictures/wiring with NO need for additional fixtures

  • Strongest of ALL Plastic Toggle Anchors! Reinforces the wall/ceiling and leads the load away from the hole.

  • Vibration and Shock proof! Won’t damage walls or ceilings

  • Works in Solid walls! Acting as a secure wedge/expansion anchor when they encounter an unexpected solid.

  • Accept a range of screw sizes! In each anchor and pre-installs through a small 8mm hole, without the screw.

  • Won’t spin! Anti-Rotation fins prevent the anchor spinning even when using a screw gun.

  • Corrosion proof! With stainless steel screws. And also non-magnetic/non-conductive.

  • Remove the screw, without the anchor! Then re-install later, in the same anchor, with the same screw

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Picture Hook Plugs

  • 5 Screws 4x40MM

  • 1 Setting Pin

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